What is your technology? Do you do tintypes?
Our pictures are purely analog being taken on photographic paper. It is not a tintype which is made on a thin sheet of metal. It is another antique and almost forgotten technology that has been used in 1920's and 1930's. This technology is faster so we can take more pictures in an hour. And more spectacular than tintype because people can see how white paper turns into a real photograph right on their eyes.
How will your studio look like on the event?
Our studio on events consists of two parts. First is a photography studio featuring beautiful and classic analog large camera and the lightning. And second is an open and exclusive portable laboratory with chemicals to develop pictures. For added flexibility and convenience, the studio and darkroom can be installed either next to each other or separately to better fit your floor plan and available space.
Do guests get the photographs immediately during the event?
Absolutely. All photographs are developed right during the event in the portable laboratory.
How many photos can your studio take during the event?
Depends on your event timing. We can do up to 60 photographs in an hour.
What is your rider?
Our rider is simple: we need about 3x5 square meters of floor space and access to 1 standard power outlet.
How much time do you need for setup?
We usually arrive 2-3 hours ahead of the event start time to setup.
Do you have a deposit on reservation?
Yes. To finalize the reservation for your event date, a deposit of 50% of the total package is due (Cash, Check, or Paypal are available).
What if several guests on the same photograph want their own copy of the picture?
Due to our technology and that we shoot right on photographic paper, one shot means that guests will get one unique picture that can be physically copied. But we always ask guests whether they want a picture for each one. If the answer is yes, that means that they to wait until photographer will take the same picture for all of them. If you ordered a limited number of shots, we provide the possibility to scan all the pictures. So your guests will get the digital archive of all photographs.
Should guests try not to smile since it is an old picture?
Only if they want to. In other cases absolutely not.
Here is our favorite explanation why people tried to avoid smiling in old pictures.